Winding Down & Gearing Up

For me, library school is winding down. This finds me all wound-up with lots of last semester work.

Homework has filled my life for the past 2+ years. Here are a few of the things I look forward to doing once my coursework ends:
  1. Spend more time with my family. This will include camping, music-making, wii gaming, website building (they've been after me to help, and I keep saying, "let's wait until school ends"), and "just" enjoying the moment.
  2. Having more time for my work at Douglas County Libraries.
  3. Presenting more at library workshops, conferences and in my community.
  4. Explore the vast reaches of the Interwebtubes.
  5. Community volunteer work for the Douglas County History Research Center, as well as the Indian Park School House Association.
  6. Learn how to cook a dependably good meal (it's hit or miss right now).
  7. Wander around in the out-of-doors again, ogling nature and breathing deep. I am tired of spending nearly every waking moment staring at a screen or a book (though I do love books and screens).
  8. Paint. Oils, acrylics, water colors, gouache...
  9. Write. Stories, lyrics, articles...
  10. Yoga (writing papers and studying has a way of leaching your limber flexibility).
  11. Ride horses (my equine-full childhood is calling out to me. I need to smell horse sweat, feel the wind in my face as we break into a good canter, and walk quietly through the woods on the back of a good horse friend).
  12. Make up words (like equine-full).

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Victoria said...

Congratulations on the 'winding down'!! It's always a happy thing to have another 'liberarian' in the world... :)

And for the 'gearing up' & cooking a dependably good meal - I have a cookbook recommendation! A coworker of mine had me check this out from our library - and after re-checking it out 3 times in a row, I broke down and bought it for myself!

'Saving Dinner' by Leanne Ely has SO many good recipes, it's not even funny! But the best thing is that most of the recipes are SIMPLE and HEALTHY... We've cooked at least half the recipes in the book, and we still have not been let down - they're all good! Another nice feature is that she arranges recipes by season, and then plans a menu for each week - complete with a shopping list!!

Once again, congrats on finishing school, and best wishes for you, your family and your library in the future!!