We're All Marketers Now, il2009

Internet Librarian 2009: My Presentation

Internet Librarian 2009
Track A – Tough Times Tactics & Tools
A303 – Marketing on the Cheap
Wednesday, October 28 2009
1:30 – 2:30 pm
Also featured in this session: Louise Alcorn & Marcy Phelps

We're All Marketers Now:
Generating People-Powered $upport
Aspen Walker
Douglas County Libraries, CO
In 2008, three groundbreaking works challenged library marketers and advocates to rethink their approach: OCLC's "From Awareness to Funding," Clay Shirky's "Here Comes Everybody," and Seth Godin's "Tribes." Discover how one public library is making the most of pointed, people-powered marketing to increase library support on the cheap. Efforts include patron library story sharing, an ongoing and growing online conversation about the essential community role libraries play, and a new library marketing campaign based on OCLC’s findings. Tools include inexpensive flip cameras, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Word Clouds and more.

Additional Resources
Clay Shirky's Here Comes Everybody
OCLC's From Awareness to Funding Report
Seth Godin's Tribes
Douglas County Libraries: Larry Adams' Library Story

DCL's Library Story Project Tip Sheet
Library ROI Stats
Douglas County Libraries' Emmy-winning PSA: "Discover Your Library"
Geek the Library

New Jersey Libraries Story Campaign

Orange County Library Videos

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