Guest Gig: DU Library Advocacy Class

Want to wear your commitment to library advocacy?
See http://www.cafepress.com/sk/libraryadvocacy/
A few links I want to share for the class I'm guest teaching at the University of Denver's School of Library and Info Science:

If you haven't checked out ALA's advocacy work, and Geek the Library do, but (definitely!) see also:
The Big Lessons:
  1. No single super hero is going to save the day. Assemble a league of super heroes to share the work. Build your tribe of library lovers and advocates.
  2. Reminding people is the essence of campaign organizing.
  3. Tools, not rules.
  4. Library use does not equal library support.
  5. Ignore the naysayer. Put your energy into working with folks who support libraries, and the people you can convince to support libraries.
  6. Reframe the message to get results.
  7. Start with story.
  8. Library advocacy projects are a wonderful opportunity to gain experience in a host of areas, including project management, leadership, political organizing, teamwork, technology, and communication.
  9. Have a good time and be kind to all-- including yourself.
For other presentations I've given on library advocacy see "Conference Presentations" in the right sidebar of this blog.

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