The Bad 3 Go Down & What's Next for Aspen?

I've got a big old grin on my face today. Amendments 60/61 and Proposition 101 failed last night. I've got two posts up about this success at Bad3Bad4Libraries and SaveLibraries.org.

It seems I've spent most of the year worrying that "my" library system, which is a two-time Four-Star Library, and ranked Number 1 in the Nation for its population size, would be pulled apart by these ballot initiatives. So what's next for me? Continued library advocacy and $upport-building, more video, and a deep dive into the issues surrounding library access to digital content. Ebooks are here, and libraries need an equal and excellent presence on the digital playing field. I look forward to helping out with LibraryRenewal.org, and similar efforts.

And can I just say, "Woot! Woot!"

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Lori Reed said...

Wonderful! Congrats!