My Elevator Speech

So you meet someone new, and they say, "What do you do?"

I could start by saying, "I'm a public librarian." But let's be honest, that simple statement could be tainted by the myriad of perceptions and preconceptions the other person uses to color their own reality (and after all, we know there are a host of stereotypes out there about librarians). First impressions last, and I want to shape and frame this one-time opportunity.

So here's my ten-second elevator speech:
"I help people change their lives, connect with their community, and boost their local economy, while enjoying the present and preparing for the future. I do this without a charge, because you have already paid for my services."

Chances are, they will say, "Wow. Tell me more."

And that's my golden chance to tell them all about the wonders of public libraries, which can be summed up (and expanded upon) with four simple messages:
1. Libraries change lives.
2. Libraries build community.
3. Libraries mean business.
4. Libraries are a smart investment.

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Anonymous said...

This is kick-ass. That's exactly what we do. Forwarding link to my library management.

Aspen Walker said...