Copying is Not Theft: What Say You?

A to-the-point explanation of free culture philosophy.
I like their logic, but I also favor a middle path approach: IMO, creators should decide whether or not to share copies of their work freely (and potentially build their fan-base in the process, like Cory Doctorow). I also favor shorter copyright durations.


Karl Fogel said...

Another way to look at it, though:

Why should anyone (even the artist) have the right to tell you what you can do with *your* copies?

Aspen Walker said...

I'll play devil's advocate-- what if you profit from those copies?

Karl Fogel said...

What would be wrong with that?

For a more detailed answer, see:


...which addresses the point that there's a distinction to be made between copies whose provenance claims the artist's endorsement and copies that don't, even though both may be perfectly accurate copies.

http://questioncopyright.org/doctorow_and_paley_debate_licensing may also be worth a read.

(In the practicing what we preach department: my books are released under free licenses, for example. You are free to print them and make a profit from them. What you couldn't do is claim that the author is profiting from that, unless you actually have a revenue-sharing agreement with me.)