Can Content Creation (& sales) $upport Libraries?

First, please check out the PC World piece here.

I find myself intrigued by this post. I’ve had many fun thoughts and conversations about the possibilities of marrying public libraries and content creation (check out a fine example of this idea in fruition in Finland at Walking Paper). That said, I don’t yet fully grok the copyright and philosophical ramifications of the particular angle advocated in PC World. First, it would require a savvy copyright/Creative Commons approach (I do geek copyright theory, so it is fun to contemplate). Secondly, while I love the kernal of the idea, I am also hesitant to give up on the notion that public libraries are a public service that’s worth funding with public tax dollars.

Personally, I am torn between the urge to adapt, innovate and ride the waves of change, and my dyed-in-the-wool belief that public libraries are an essential part of our lives and worthy of public $upport.

What do you think?

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