Reference Renaissance Conference: Loving Library 2.0

Wikis, Blogs & Add-Ons
Todd Quinn, Northern State University
Check out all of Todd's 2.0 tips here.

Becoming Ambient (Or How I learned to stop worrying and love Library 2.0)

Lance Heidig, Cornell University

Lance created his presentation on a libguide. It's available here.

Some sage advice from Lance: “My digital reach exceeds my analog grasp”

Reference & Info Services for Library Customers You May Never Meet

Christine Clifford, Hennepin County

Christine commened by quoting hte great Joe Janes:“The idea of library has to be somewhere and anywhere.”

Patrons are using Hennepin Libraries more and more, but not in the ways they traditionally used the library. Hennepin has seen a 41% increase in remote usage. As Christine put it, the website may be the only library patrons ever visit. Christine's talk was brimming with great ideas, including:

  • Web design can be a reference tool. Ex: subject guides (find info, don't search for it).
  • Use virtual reference transcripts to find out what patrons aren’t finding on their own.
  • Place RSS feeds all over website, so people can choose the library experience they want.
  • Hennipen has a librarian blog on each subject guide. The blogs connect staff with online patrons, and remind people that there is a human organizing this information. Hennepin puts out want ads internally to find subject guide librarians. The subject guide and blog becomes a part of their job duties. The library encourages staff to use pictures, in order to add human touch.
  • Create catalog search widgets, and make the widget code available to others, so they can embed it on their pages.

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